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    Service Schedules

    Bible Study Hour: 9:30 AM
    Morning Service: 10:45AM
    Evening Service: 6:00 PM

    Evening Service:
    7:00 PM
    *All Services Interpreted for the Deaf


    Bible Study Hour

    /files/Pictures from Ministries/Bible Study Hour/IMG_8087.JPGThe teaching of the Word of God was paramount in the ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ, and it is to be of great importance to us. Repeatedly, we find people gathered around the Lord. Despite His hunger or weariness Scripture says, "and He taught them."

    Taught: 9:30 A.M. Sunday mornings.
    For Whom: Classes are held for all ages. Nursery provided.

         Small Group/files/Pictures from Ministries/Bible Study Hour/IMG_8072.JPG
    Classes are held in small groups, graded by ages or grades through elementary and by age/grade and gender in the youth through adults. These groupings allow us to teach on the level of understanding of the student and meet spiritual needs and apply the Word of God to the student's life.

    /files/Pictures from Ministries/Bible Study Hour/IMG_8098.JPG     Bible Study
    The purpose of our Bible Study Hour/Sunday School classes is to study the Bible. The Word of God is our textbook and we strive to understand its teachings and principles. The truths of the Word of God are applied to life so that God's Word can affect change in us that will give stability, peace, and purpose to our family and daily lives. The Word of God has the answers to meet every need.

         Adult Classes/files/Pictures from Ministries/Bible Study Hour/IMG_8099.JPG
    Our adults enjoy the systematic teaching of the Word of God. We grow in our understanding of the Word of God but also in how we are to live in light of His Word. The small classes also allow us to build close fellowship and friendships quickly.


    /files/Pictures from Ministries/Bible Study Hour/IMG_8091.JPG

    We encourage you to come and study the Word of God along with us.